Loyalty High

March 18, 2007

alarmclock.jpgWake Up! The buzzer in my head went off this week. More accurately stated — it exploded in my head this week. An alarm so incapacitating that, after a while, I couldn’t tell my screech from its shriek. Couldn’t separate my tremors from its vibrations. My innards from its nuts and bolts. I wonder what was going through the Creator’s mind, as He watched the final seconds roll by…tick tock…tick…”It’s time for her to wake up.” A timer timed to His perfection.

Loyalty High. They say Love is blind. I say my Loyalty wears tri-focals lol. I gladly shot Loyalty through my veins in unwavering allegiance to others. Often stretched beyond capacity, she remained Loyalty self-administered without coercion or expectation. Thinking I was doing a service, I awake now to the Truth — I was getting high alone.

Loyalty High. I need a refresher on the classes for Loyalty to Self – definitions, use it in a sentence, apply it properly in relationships. So, I must repeat a grade..again. Teacher God is reviewing the entire test with me. Even though it spans years, I’m sure a few bullet points will sum up the holes, fill the chasm, as I slap my forehead in disbelief of what I missed.

Hey little cockroach, I’ll do much better next time with the dead ends *smile*…See you outside the maze…….


6 Responses to “Loyalty High”

  1. abiodun Says:

    am new to your blog!
    it seem to me that you are a poet…uh!!
    keep it up.


  2. asheselah Says:

    Hi there Abiodun…thx 4 droppin by and welcome! Yes, I am njoying a new found Love of poetry…help yourself to some under my Poetry category =)! God bless!

  3. […] in their place. Right there on the back burner behind yours. That’s where I kept them – til now. On high heat without boil. There was no more water to bubble. Pot scorched dry. But at least I was […]

  4. […] or awaken an interest to really reconnect, start over. A year, people. Energy wasted. Time gone. – I finally woke up…we’re either going to be girls, or totally disconnect on all points. – In the end, she […]

  5. Sharon Says:

    I’ll do much better next time with the dead ends?????

    Girl, you r mean!

  6. ashe.selah Says:

    …and I’ve been doing just that, Sharon — much better, thank God :)!

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