The Perfect Study Hall

March 12, 2007

Beautiful weather this past Saturday evening. Very mild. By day’s end, my eyes become allergic to my To-do list. With every blink, seems like a new line item appeared. By 7:00pm, daughter dropped off to a slumber party. My men are handling their “boy business”. What is that fragrant coolness in the air? This scenario smells vaguely like…could it be?…An opportunity for Me time…OH YEAH!

Let’s see….For this episode of Me time, I choose Study Hall. In study hall, I’m learning how to read and write. Hmmm…Think I’ll spend some time with Maya (Angelou) tonite at one of my favorite restaurants.

I, Myself, and Me arrive with purse, cell, and book, respectively. We’re wrapped in an invisible afghan of pure chill and a relaxed smile. The first table presented…a no go, too wide open. I feels like snuggling with Myself and Me tonite. That quiet booth on the end? Perfect.

The land of my dark, shellacked table top eagerly awaits its inhabitants. And as the Queen of the Queendom, it is I who hand-selects the citizens from my menu. They’re all scrumptiously pleading for citizenship, but only two are granted the coveted entry through my gates. Seafood & corn chowder arrives well-dressed, with friend of hexagonal soup crackers neatly packaged. My eyelids surrender with every deep inhale – they are clearly no match for its mesmerizing aroma. Prawns the size of quotation marks on a billboard dangle fearlessly tail first off the side of a pool filled with cocktail sauce. My fingers are strong cranes, lifting and placing them carefully into my mouth, in preparation for their final resting place…well, not final final *smile*.

As I enjoy my meal and the Caged Bird, my attention is drawn away by the candlelight. Do tell? It wants to be my private dancer, prancing happily around the wick. Just when I think I’ve got the routine down pat (I want to dance too!), the flame smiles and switches moves on me – it’s so spontaneous. I thoroughly enjoy its one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-time choreography.

This is the perfect study hall…great book, great meal, fantastic company!

[*sidebar* Wow, there was a time in my life where you would N-E-V-E-R catch me eating in a restaurant by myself. What?! That would expose the lonlies I hid inside, always needing to be in a crowd of folks. When I’d see other people eating alone, I would pity them…”Poor soul with no friends to eat with, nobody to be with them…” My heart would cry out for them…mainly because of what that image meant to me. If they could hear my thoughts, I’m sure most of them would have responded, “No sweetie, I really am great…I want to be alone right now.” Oh the beauty of self-discovery and acceptance. It’s pretty cool being my best company…might as well…wherever I go, I’m gonna be right there, right? *end sidebar*]

OK…I think my little “vivid imagination” exercise is done for now…just having fun telling a story lol…cya next post.


5 Responses to “The Perfect Study Hall”

  1. refinedone Says:

    …I think I need a study hall experience real soon!

    Nice one, self appreciation, self love is so underrated, but when you can enjoy your own company, you can be energised to be a positive contribution in other parts of you life that compliment who you are.

    … so off to study hall I go

  2. KreativeKoncepts Says:

    I see you have a beautiful gift…a gift of words crafting!! Keep it up. Was inspired reading your blog this first time. You’re blessed! 2K

  3. asheselah Says:

    @RO: Yeah…That’s what You time is all about…be it study hall or just rest…”energising” yourself with positivity =)!

    @2K: I’m really glad u stopped by for a read. Thanks so much for the kind words…do drop in again soon…Blessings =)!

  4. […] yesterday, sitting in the waiting area while my stylist finished his McD’s. I was early, so I sat there reading, or rather, listening to my “Caged Bird Sing” by Maya Angelou. [About a quarter of an […]

  5. […] Can’t wait to gain the insight and knowledge awaiting me with this book…until next study hall… […]

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