Ashe.Selah Turns 1,000+

March 7, 2007

How kewl is that?! I launched my blog on 12.23.06, needing a place to “learn” how to write by writing…a place to stretch out my thoughts, and noticed today that I’ve reached over a thousand hits! Why that’s so cool to me, I dunno, but it is. Then again, maybe it’s because…More than money or fame…Writers need readers.

As I share little pieces of my world here, I write with the belief that my experiences mirror that of someone else on this planet…and somehow we’ll find each other and make a connection that blooms with encouragement, inspiration, or iron sharpening iron. Even those who do not share my viewpoint…is there something I can learn from you, about you, about me?

So I really appreciate you, you, and you in the back for stopping by. I am gradually developing into the writer/author I never knew before. And the readers who feel me? You guys are the best!…Much Love…to all 3 of you lol j/k! I’ll keep the door open…don’t be a stranger, be-loved =)!


3 Responses to “Ashe.Selah Turns 1,000+”

  1. refinedone Says:

    love your writing…many more hits to come đŸ™‚

  2. asheselah Says:

    Many thanks, RefinedOne!

  3. rethots Says:

    …started my blog sometimes mid ’06,
    ‘cos i felt it provided an avenue to just
    express myself without fear or favour.
    But, what i get in return?
    Friends (readers) & more friends…
    Woke one day & deleted it, why?
    I don’t know but, i started again
    ‘cos i just wanted to write again.

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