And the Edgar Award Goes To…

February 27, 2007


The phone rings, and I hear nothing but my crazy hubby in the car laughing at high volume. We’re a fun-loving family…we love to joke, clown, and get clowned. Now listen to me closely…Whatever you do…DO NOT trip, stumble, fall, pass gas, break a word, kill a point, or partake in any other embarrassing moment around my crew. You WILL hear about it lol!…in a robust, tonsil exposing belly laugh (after, of course, we see that you’re alright).

Right now, I’m the current house leader…the one who hasn’t been laughed at or finger pointed in a minute. And as my daughter lovingly puts it…”That’s a problem!” back to the call. My hubby and daughter were apparently talking about her dreams and goals. She’s a true diva in training…the total package of singer, actress, and dancer. In the conversation, she describes how great and wonderful it will be when she wins her Grammy®. But ohhh no…that’s not the end of the story for this overachiever’s daughter. She then announces, “…and I can’t wait to get my Edgar!”

Your who?! What?LOL!!! By this time my husband and I are dying on the phone, and in the background she’s yelling, “I meant to say eager for an Edward!” OMG!…ya killin me!!! When she finally got a grip on the word “Oscar”…it was too late. Her cool points now fit neatly in our pockets, and we were busy trying to catch our breath.

Man, the next time I slip in public, she’s gonna make me pay interest…I can feel it. And I’ll be back here for the confession *smile*…I bet my number’s around the corner…me and Edward’s =)!


5 Responses to “And the Edgar Award Goes To…”

  1. refinedone Says:


    you know she’s not going to let you off ….so watch your back!

  2. asheselah Says:

    OMG! She is so going to get me good =)!

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