February 25, 2007

An intimate, loving moment with My King…nothing else compares to you God….♥U!

Deep within…
Miles below the very essence of me
Lies a soul that thirsts for Thee
With an intensity
Unimagined and uncontrollable
It has taken on a mind of its own
Transforming me, awakening me
Catapulting me towards this single mission:
To worship You and be nourished by You,
O Most High.

There are no substitutes for Your living water.
It is the perfect temperature
Saturated with virtue
Brings pure delight to even the smallest taste bud
Within the mouth that opens to receive You.
May I submerge myself in You?
Surrendering as Your waves rush in
To take me over, make me over
And fill every dry, hidden place
Once called “home” by the cravings
Only you can quench.

If I panted any harder for You
Would You come faster?
Or am I the one
To drag my feet no more?
Desperation pushes the pedal to the floor
Our intimate journey has begun
I seek Your beautiful countenance
Your breath upon my cheek
Your fragrance fully inhaled
From the rising of the sun until…

I speak well of You, Most High!
My heart serenades You
Between the kisses I blow
Declaring You are my Gift
Your presence I’ll never outgrow.
I have no words for loss
When I win You every time.
You desire to satisfy me
With Your exceeding abundance
Above all I could think
I, being the apple of Your eye.
I thirst no more. Love, me.

Copyright © 2006. All rights reserved.


5 Responses to “Thirst!”

  1. Austin Says:

    Part of the guilt I feel sometimes has to do with spiritual starvation.


  2. asheselah Says:

    Hey there Austin…Yes, I agree…emotions of guilt can be related to spiritual starvation. I’ve been there in my own life. Somehow, as I accept the fact that there is nothing I can do to void God’s Love for me, it gets easier to swallow, easier to feed on the Love He longs to give…the Love we all crave. Just a place we have to find for ourselves…be IN courage!

  3. refinedone Says:

    Thank you for reminding me how passionately I love my lord!
    there have been distractions in the pasts months, but coming home, back to the lover of my soul…is a journey I could never be a shamed of…my love for the lord is real with so much passion…this you reminded me…so i say thanks for being a vessel so opened and free to flow.

  4. asheselah Says:

    RefinedOne…I am so humbled by your comment. To reach others through this new craft of writing is an awesome joy…God be honored and shine through =)!

  5. […] moved, as if totally detached from my brain’s circuitry. In a faint whisper….. “I want YOU God.” The tears fell. It was like standing beside myself, hearing myself. Desperation […]

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