Get Love?

February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is so simple and pure, yet so all encompassing. The essence of her magnitude cannot be measured. She’s so expansive. Do we get her? She really wants to be got. She wants to be consumed…put to everyday use every second of the day. Through action. She gives without reason, condition, or fair trade. Love is reason enough all by herself.

I commented at RefinedOne’s spot that Love is the patience to be everything Love is not. Ha! I think I’d like to change my position on that one (seeing that I left out the words “not be” lol). Love is positive, forward looking and thinking. She is altogether present tense…releases the past, lives in the Now. Love is the patience to be everything that Love IS!

Love is a visionary, seeing beyond the physical, blind to the impossible. Love allows you to grow, gives you freedom to be, accepts who you are…cheers who you are becoming. Love is intimate with sacrifice. Love turned down Math and Accounting…She’s unable to count faults, or keep records of mistakes. Love actually hides them, shielding her loved one from shame. Love is OK with not winning every dispute. She has no need to always be right.

Love is Love forever. A constant. Her pillow is commitment.  She never gives up. Likewise, never give up on her. She cannot be stopped. Don’t be afraid to give her away. She remembers, and will always come back bigger so we can give more of her away. If Love was a shape, she’d be a perfect circle…drawn freehand. Wow…she’s a beautiful, tall order, and I will grow to understand her inch by inch..give her unconditionally to others..receive her..laugh with her..embrace her..consume her and she me..let her flow through me..emit her….Love her. Ashe.Selah


2 Responses to “Get Love?”

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  2. […] impossible to totally contain her, but she can contain me?  Help me to keep my passion burning to get her…to understand her and apply her with a pure heart.  This is my gift to myself and the […]

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