So You Wanna Write a Book, Eh?

February 4, 2007

…yeah, I wanna write a book. This idea of birthing a book still trips me out at times. Me? I was joking with a friend a while back and said, “I have the audacity to wanna write a book…I don’t even like books!” LOL! We had a good laugh at my expense. But it’s true. I wasn’t an avid novel reader before this craving to write came over me. But neither had I lost my voice at the time either. Life has a way of pulling things out of you that you never knew were there…good things and not so good things. So, while my response to this process has generally been one of seclusion and silence, communicating through writing has become a vehicle of choice…of freedom…of release.

Soooo, here I am at Ashe.Selah, learning and exercising my writing muscles, sharing my thoughts with the world of a few (I’m at a little over 700 hits — excluding my re-reads). It feels so good to write, to express myself. And I believe it’s healing my voice, carrying me through process, ya know?

Far from any type of expert, I am first partaker of my writings, inspiring myself to be a better me, to love me unconditionally, to discover and pursue my Divine purpose. I am human, woman, survivor. It’s kinda different writing a book about my survivAL while I’m still survivING. I’m not sure which has been more challenging, surviving external forces in life, or surviving the internal chaos bred from within. Somehow, I bet the two influence each other to a great degree….sure they do.

I can always tell when I’m living the pages of the book. Days where growing pains are at their worse, locked on to me like heat-seeking missiles. Today is one of those days. Sometimes I shake them quickly, other times it takes a sec or two or two million lol. It’s all process, though, and I’m growing stronger and stronger with every breath.

What’s up with this book?…welllll….it’s a memoir of sorts, a diary, a testimony, a story of overcoming, of getting over myself, getting real with me, a depiction of the positive and negative power of the mind, a story of the Creator’s grace and favor towards me. I believe my life experiences are not unique, and as such, I am not chosen to heal, to triumph in a vacuum of one. Who did God have in mind when He planned my life? Was it you? So, in between writing outlines, character sketches, and chapters, I’m here taking a break from this colossal challenge, and writing about whatever’s on my mind….from inspiration, to poetry and politics.

The draft of chapter one flowed like milk and honey. Now, I find myself skipping around in the book, say from ch. 8 back to ch. 5. This book is really becoming a puzzle, to which I await guidance on how to assemble the pieces. Some pieces are obviously harder to write, to revisit than others…I attack these segments in small chunks, since they require so much energy. The voice of the book is primarily first person, with third person accounts sprinkled throughout. I’ve even toyed with the notion of writing the book as a fictional work. Easier…less intimidating to tell the story. Though I desire to be naked and really transparent, the thought of exposing my pain, my stuff…makes me nervous at times =). But, at the end of the day, if the story’s to be told, I must do so with honesty and integrity. How else could it help others, except delivered in its purest form?…Still, though….*smile*!

Well, this is my first (of many) book updates. I don’t know how long this road will be, then again, the length of road doesn’t matter. I’m excited about the many golden nuggets I’ll learn along the way. Ashe.Selah. Stay tuned….=)


3 Responses to “So You Wanna Write a Book, Eh?”

  1. My hats off to you for starting this awesome journey. Be encouraged that not all writers have it easy with best sellers rolling off their brains. I like what you said, take it one chunk at a time. To help organize your thoughts and allow them to flow easier, make a light outline if you have not already. It will stabilize any confusion as to the direction you feel being led to pursue with your story/book. Continue to write and press on. Let nothing stop you. Take care.

  2. asheselah Says:

    Hey there, Sharonda. So pleased you stopped by. Your site really touched me a few weeks ago, and your words here are just as encouraging. Thanks for the grounding lol. Best-sellers are great, but I try to keep my focus on those chosen to be my readers …those handpicked to hear me. Not always easy, but that’s the goal. The outline is light, but getting heavier by the day. Do drop in again for more updates…and I will check in with you as well. Bless =)!

  3. […] how I said Chapter 1 flowed like milk & honey…done…what’s next? And what’s next was nothing but pieces of a puzzle? Turns […]

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