Ma, We Can Be College Roommates!

February 1, 2007

I can’t remember how my husband and I got on the subject of college and scholarships, but my daughter interjects, “Uh uh…I’m going to UF like Mama. We can be roommates!” Of course, I gladly play along, wondering how long will I retain my “cool Mama” status, worthy enough to be her college roommate LOL!. She’s only ten, but I gotta find a way to stay “in there” through the teen years…Wow, this could be one of those rare mother/daughter love affairs (something greater than what me and my Mom had). While our relationship isn’t perfect, and I’m sure there are times she would love to throw me out the window *smile*, I’m grateful to God that we’re doing pretty good.

As we continued to talk about her college plans, my honey jokes about the final moments before we leave her. “Alright girl…we gotta go…we got $300 a month going for your room….” Mean ole Daddy *smile*. At that point, she puts a choke hold around my neck, “No…no, I wanna stay with Mama!” And there we froze in an embrace that would take a crow bar to separate us. Right in that moment it hit me…This little chic is growing up, she won’t be my little girl forever. The time will come for me (us) to let go, and let her spread her wings, fly free, make her own way in life. Wow! Seems like yesterday I was just in labor 33 hours, bringing this gift into the world.

As both of our eyes welled up (she’s just as emotional as me), my honey teased us mercilessly. We laughed too. Funny, I couldn’t help but remember when my Mom dropped me off to college. I was 17 years old. We had gone to Red Lobster to celebrate this momentous occasion (little did I know back then, I would be the first college graduate in my family). Before leaving the restaurant, I poured the remaining basket of saltine crackers in my purse lol. I dunno why. I guess I was preparing to become the typical starving college student, eating saltines during late night cram sessions (they were good, too).

After our lunch, Mom and her friend dropped me back on campus, and we said our final good-byes in the parking lot across the street from the dorm. As I crossed the street to go upstairs to my new home, Mom did something I will never forget. She yelled at the top of her cracking voice, “..And if you wanna come back home, you call me and I’ll come get you!!!” OMG! Ma!! There’s no yelling on campus! So not cool. Could we be any more kountry?…Yes, country with a K!!!

Totally embarrassed, I was so relieved no one was on the street. But couldn’t account for those in their dorm rooms who could have heard. I was gonna miss Mama too, but going away to college, living in the dorms, out on my own….There is no way, at 17, I could understand how much she was going to miss me…how proud she was of me. I guess the excitement of it all overshadowed my sadness of missing her.

Wonder how I’m gonna do at that moment with my baby girl…I mean my young woman. Yeah, you’re probably right….from “cool Mama” to country with 2 K’s =)!


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