Victory on a Silver Platter

January 25, 2007

It seems as if God is really on board with me…supporting my efforts to digest this life-sized chill pill I’ve swallowed. Sometimes it tries to come back up with a gag, but I’m working through it…a swallow at a time…a lesson at a time…*smile*!

By virtue of life experiences — I’ve always been a fighter, my own personal protector and superhero. Especially when I’ve been personally wronged or harmed. Oddly enough, though, I don’t have a smorgasbord of juvenile fight stories to pull out of my hat. The few fights I did have were enough to get my point across I guess. As a childhood friend once told me, “Girl, you’d give people chances, but you had this threshold of rage, and if you were pushed too far, Rahhhh!” And there I’d stand in my Bill Bixby moment, wondering why my perpetrator was on the ground, feet flying through the air…no joke.

Can you say thank God for growth! Or maybe I should say growing. Of course, I still bear the natural instinct of self-preservation, but I’m learning to exercise the gift of Godly trust and non-resistance…the notion that you don’t have to fight and struggle with or about everything — even when you’re right. Well…….

I was wronged last year by a lady who told the police that I crashed my car into hers, when in actuality, she hit me. The police believed her story, refused to hear my side, gave me a ticket, and a court date. After several date resets, yesterday was V-DAY. My day to vindicate myself, to expose the lies, to right the wrong, serve justice in an unjust world…so I thought. And I love law!…was accepted to law school two years ago…but I’ll save those details for another post =).

Sooo, I (attorney pro se) arrive at the Municipal Courthouse, prepared for battle. I have signed eyewitness statements, pictures of the scene, constructed an event timeline, had all my questions prepared, and get this….I even obtained the lady’s 9-1-1 call on tape. Johnetta Cochran was going in for a slam dunk! LOL!

The judge called my name, and looked around for the officer. He wasn’t in the courtroom. “Has anyone heard word from Officer _____?”. “No your Honor”. The lady? She didn’t show up…… “You are free to go.”

What was this beautiful feeling? Of victory, without exertion. Winning, without saying a word or lifting a finger. Vindication, without self-valor. I was so surprised and elated, I didn’t even say “thank you your Honor” (real smooth, Counselor! lol). I simply walked away from the podium mic, and left with MY arsenal in tow.

How many battles do we show up to OVER-prepared, OVER-armored, OVER-annointed, and OVER-egoed? How much energy could I have saved between September and yesterday, had I not put on my supersuit? Didn’t the Most High promise to always CAUSE me to TRIUMPH?

I will feel the beauty and warmth of His loving provisions often, as I resist the urge to attack problems my way, and the need to prove myself right. I surrender the stage and all applause to the Most High, and will keep my nose out of battles that truly are not mine. Ashe.Selah


2 Responses to “Victory on a Silver Platter”

  1. refinedone Says:

    That sounds like a beautiful victory.
    I feel you…

    I am still on that journey of letting God fight my battles..the urge to speak up..explain my self….defend myself…is getting less each day.
    I guess that is when you know you are “growing” when you do not need to defend yourself…but trust in Him (our Chief advocate)

  2. asheselah Says:

    girl…tell me about it =)

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