Would You Like an Abortion with that Degree?

January 23, 2007

It’s the most effective and aggressive form of customer relationship building for any revenue-generating organization — anticipate the needs of the customer, and proactively satisfy them. More often than not, the monetary returns from this approach positively affect the company’s bottom line. However, is there any customer need that warrants the question, “is our organization really the one to fill it?”

Even Goliath’s like Wal-Mart reject (and/or have tried to reject) the notion of being all things to all people. Just try buying a hand gun, or the latest edition of Maxim magazine at Wal-Mart. It’s a short road leading to a dead end.

Speaking of dead ends, this question of customer need “fillability” escapes many colleges and universities across the country. Now, as you walk across the stage with degree in hand, women can also carry the physical and emotional scars of abortion — amicably provided on the school’s dime. Sure, part of a student’s tuition may include a health fee, but the bulk of abortion costs (usually 80%-90% expenses covered or allowable charges up to $250 maximum per occurrence) are covered by the school’s student health insurance.

But don’t run out and boycott these schools just yet. You may find the alternatives (schools who don’t cover abortions) are slim to none, as this “benefit” is rampant. Since when did “normal pregnancy” become a “sickness”?

The rationale employed by these colleges and universities is clear. Just as a gunshot wound or appendicitis could preclude one from finishing a semester, likewise an unwanted pregnancy could hurt school revenue with an increase in withdrawal applications. The notion of insuring people to protect one’s bottom line is not a new concept, though. Different, yet similar to the relationship between universities and students is the purchase of insurance policies by slave owners. Notwithstanding the overarching intent in both cases is to protect one’s investment, it’s very interesting how slave owners used insurance to protect life, while colleges and universities are using insurance to destroy life. And with white women accounting for over half of the abortions in this country, never have I seen a scenario where the perceived value of a slave outweighs the value of an unborn white child.

As an African-American woman, the same outrage applies doubly to our historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) who provide elective abortion coverage for students. With staggering numbers of African-American males in prison alone, how insane is it for our institutions of higher learning to promote such a “benefit”? What is tuition revenue, compared to giving life a chance to change the world? It is embarrassing how we are financing the destruction of our future Kings.

How much anticipation of customer need is enough? How much is too much? Do colleges and universities have the right to choose which needs they fill, which benefits they offer? Yes they do. Should they offer abortions with their degrees? If a student suffers permanent damage (e.g. cannot have children) due to multiple school-financed abortions, could she sue the school or the underwriters? If schools cover the costs of abortions, should a limit be imposed on how many times a student can use the benefit? Should parents who dish out big bucks for tuition have a say? Two words…caveat emptor.

These are my 2¢ plus a penny…what are your thoughts?


2 Responses to “Would You Like an Abortion with that Degree?”

  1. refinedone Says:

    Totally speechless…

  2. Austin Says:

    That is downright appalling. You’re right, since when did normal pregnancies become a sickness. Like the comment above, I’m just about speechless.


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