Knock Down, Drag Out

January 21, 2007

Ever changing, ever becoming. Personal growth is one of those precious constants in my life. Something I aim to pursue with balance. So, while I accentuate the positive places within me, I’ve got my eye on those places marked “condemned” (as in a building marked for demolition — not spiritual condemnation). So here’s a verse of my truth…For these places, I will do more than affix a sign, I will release the (attr)action, the excuses, and stay out of the way of the wrecking crew. Ashe.Selah

Knock Down, Drag Out

I know it’s the best decision / Because it does me more harm than good / But as I watch You prepare for demolition / The battleground within me shook the foundation where I stood / Both cheering You on / And begging You to reconsider Your position / When the bottom line is / That place was condemned with the laying of the first brick / No matter how I tried to fix and pretty it up / Or renovate it with reasons why I had to have it / It was still infested with poison / Depressing my vital organs / Located in a neighborhood / I had no business visiting.

If I really believe this / Why does the countdown to implosion / Erode my confidence in the conclusion / That this place must be forever demolished / Severely abolished as an option on my ballot / Of places to hide from my Hiding Place / Your grace saving me every time / I foolishly run back into the building / For one more look around / As if there’s something I forgot / Like how dangerous this place is / Filled with supernatural explosives / Strategically positioned to take out this high place / But leave me standing stronger / Once the dust settles.

Running out of energy to run around / My final answer is “yes” / Please knock it down! / And if I become toxic to myself / Knock me out too =) / If it’s for my own good / Drag me out of harms way / Till it’s down for the count / Eight, nine, ten / A total knockout.

Copyright © 2007. AsheSelah.  All rights reserved.


2 Responses to “Knock Down, Drag Out”

  1. […] There’s a reason why God’s words “light” our feet…our path. Because we are to press FORWARD on our journey. Purpose is always BEFORE us — never behind us. So, He will never leave a light on behind us. Rather the contrary. When we’ve done all, said all, learned all, seen all, been all…..and He delivers us from it all, He pulls the beaded string swinging from a single light bulb — a quick fade to black. This is not to say we will never “reach” back to help others where we ourselves have been, but He will never guide us back to where He purposefully brought us from. There is nothing else to go back to or for. […]

  2. […] you to go back into the condemned building — knowing good and well God’s wrecking crew demolished that place for a […]

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