I, Myself, and Me

January 12, 2007

I, Myself
Both were present
For the rediscovery and elevation of Me
Who wondered…
Why I didn’t recognize Myself
And how I never realized
Myself was searching in the same place
For the same Me
Existing perfectly
Before the launch of eternity
And I didn’t know it.
Now, I sends Myself’s guards away
When Me comes around
I knows her for Myself
Her deepest everything
She is One I can trust
Opens Myself up
And magnfies the beauty within Me
Divinity long ago implanted
In a place that only I can awaken
Love stirred never shaken
Til I cannot find the beginning or end
Of the swirling energy within Me.
I does not concern Myself
Reading the labels of old Me
But rather
I delights and shares with others
Who are not Me or Myself
The goodness of His creation
Glistening the Light and Love
Of I, Myself, and Me.

Copyright (c) 2007. AsheSelah.  All rights reserved.


3 Responses to “I, Myself, and Me”

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  2. […] July 18th, 2007 I’ve seen the reports. The notes in my file. You have a file? Yes, I gotta file. One filled with my Before. And before the Before, there was the end I thought would preclude the need for any Before. It’s ok if you can’t follow this. It makes perfect sense to I, Myself, and Me. […]

  3. […] been planning this trip for two years. Well, not this exact trip, but a getaway for I, Myself, and Me…just to get a break from life, (death?), process…to step out of the refining flames for […]

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