A Poem for Giveness

January 8, 2007

Beloved Giveness,

You are the manifestation of Divine Love
The non-refundable receipt from all Love transactions
Your garments are drenched with Kindness
Leaving puddles of Compassion
As you stroll to our meeting place on Mercy Drive.

With mixed emotions
I accepted the invitation to spend a week in your home
And as any gracious host would
You catered to my every need and desire.
Thank you for revealing yourself to me
In such a beautiful, gentle way
Didn’t realize I’d hid parts of me from you
But you are the Mistress of hide-and-seek
As hard as I tried, you won every game
Deep down inside…I wanted you to find me
Ready to retire my masks and supersuits
In exchange for the luscious fruit
Of tranquil freedom to live light and carefree.

During our time together
We were more than inseparable
Your soothing lullabies wooed me to sleep
I really didn’t think I would last for a week
But Giveness, you knew exactly how to Love me
How to give to me purely
An attractive proposition I could not resist
A soft nudge to let go what I would never miss
So I had to come to grips with me
And make the choice deliberate
To give you some of my heart’s possessions
Through affirmations and written confessions.

Desiring not to be an Indian giver
Never believe ANY excuse I give you
To get those things back
They belong to YOU now
I’ve let them go.
Store them in your secret attic
Next to the box marked “Lessons for her Growth”.
I will always remember your gracious request
To be your friend
Let’s build a lifelong relationship
I’ll come back to see you again
This visit will not be my last.

These verses are for you…
For life…
For Giveness.

Copyright © 2006. AsheSelah.  All rights reserved.


2 Responses to “A Poem for Giveness”

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