Pursuit of Whollyness

January 7, 2007

Got a chance to see The Pursuit of Happyness last night. A quiet movie night for one, which really let me fall into the screen and absorb the story. Of course I give it 2 high-fives =)…who can resist a story of hardship to triumph, despair to overcoming, looking up at the bottom to rising to the top. I can’t. But while I appreciated and applauded the happy ending, other aspects of the story stood out and touched me deeply.

I love how Will Smith’s narrative outlined “times” and “parts” of his life….”This part of my life is called ‘Stupid’.” Hilarious most of the time, but likewise revealing the importance of recognizing times and seasons in life, which all have their own lessons, their own disappointments, sunny spots, beginnings and end. These “legs” of our journey are not the destination, but steps and mile markers to ultimate fulfillment.

Which brings me to my 2nd takeaway — Chris Gardner’s pursuit of forward motion. OMG!! What courage lies in the soul’s deepest reservoir — to begin again, and again, and again after each hard blow. It’s easy (if we make it so) to grow weary, even after some sunny spots. But he rejected every golden opportunity to give up. I respect this pursuit of forward motion, and acknowledge how it’s seasoned with gratitude, vision, tenancity, and more.

On the way home from the theatre, my cell rings. “Hey bay”, I answered, thinking it was my hubby. No, it was my darling little she-ro. “Guess what Ma…I found your Cyndi Lauper CD”, blazing “Time After Time” in the background. I’ve always loved Cyndi Lauper, her bold, individualistic style with a voice to match. “Where r u?…Hurry home so we can listen.” =)))

While I adore “Time After Time”, the song that would move me the rest of the night was “All Through the Night”. This song for me became the unmentioned, hidden cut on The Pursuit of Happyness soundtrack:

We have no past we won’t reach back
Keep with me forward on through the night
And once we start the meter clicks
And it goes running all through the night
Until it ends there is no end
(lyrics by Jules Shear)

Whew!…now those are lyrics! Without the past, there’s nothing to look back at, nothing to reach back for, nothing remains to let go of. We must let the past cascade through our fingers like grains of sand, and take the supporting hand of someone who loves us. I love the idea of starting over, trying again, without stopping and resetting the meter. The grace at any moment to begin again is built into the plan for our lives.

For those of you completing stormy legs of a journey, with more hurdles on the horizon, let’s pitch our tents for a moment to rest, knowing we won’t stay here forever. Keep moving forward on through the night, pursuing whollyness — Divine purpose through relationship with God, joy, happiness, peace, health, and abundant Love.



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