Resolution…or Revolution?

January 4, 2007

When one listens closely, and sees beyond stature and age, a child can teach the most impacting lessons of life, without even trying.

I’m generally not one to write or mentally list New Year’s resolutions. Sure, there are places in me that need to grow, and other places that need to be demolished, but I usually don’t wrap them in ‘resolutions’ per se. Nothing bad or good…that’s just me.

Funny how the things you don’t do or teach your kids – they pick them up and run with them…good things and bad things. Maybe all the talk in the media and school had an affect on my daughter. Couple of nights ago, in her best Microsoft Word formatting, she made a list of 12 things to improve on in 2007, with a chart at the bottom to measure her monthly progress. How cool is that! At the very top of the page, in red letters, “My New Year’s Revolution”. Yes, Revolution =).

She had shown me her list, I applauded her efforts and gave her some Mama love, she tacked it on the wall in her room, but I never paid much attention to the heading until tonight. As I began to think about revolution vs. resolution, I became intrigued with the subtle, yet striking differences between the two:

Resolution – A formal expression of opinion or intention made. A resolve or determination. The settling of a problem or controversy.

Revolution – An overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established system. A radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, esp. one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence. A sudden, complete or marked change in something.

I think my wise little woman is on to something. I want to be on her team =)!

There are some things in me, things I must overcome, that a simple “resolve or determination” alone just won’t get the job done. I not only have to decide to change, but I must “overthrow…and thoroughly replace” thoughts and beliefs “established” in me that will inevitably hinder my intention to change and grow. The things I want in my life, and the things I want out of my life….I must “radically” step up to the plate, come at them like I’ve never done before. And if it costs a broken nail, a bruised ego, a busted lip, a swollen toe to achieve the “sudden, complete, and marked change” I desire, then so be it (Ashe). I need a Revolution…and a V for Victory!

As I prepare and dress my mind and spirit for this Revolution, I hide the word of God in my heart. For it is my quick and powerful sword, and will only lead me to truth and beauty as it discerns my thoughts and intentions (Heb. 4:12). Ashe.Selah

Thank you, sweetie pie, for that lesson. Right on, Gil Scott-Heron! This year’s revolution in me will not be televised…it will be lived!


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