Phone Booth for Sale

January 2, 2007

Ever hear yourself say something, but it’s like it didn’t come from your mouth? You were only meant to be the hearer, not the speaker? Sure, you were thinking it, but somehow your brainwaves got crossed up, and your lips blurted it out to your surprise. Sometimes, your mind and body know what you need more than your conscious self. Funny.

“I need to give myself space just to be human.” What is that about? Where did that come from? More importantly, where was it going, and did I need to go with it? I’m pondering these thoughts in the middle of a conversation, to the response of, “Yeah Girl, let the fairytale go. No more phone booths for you.”

After completing a physically and mentally draining week, I was overwhelmed with the need for rest. But the part of me addicted to that “S” (as in Superwoman, lol) — she didn’t get it. “What’s the biggy…try this…take a nap…shake it off…back to the skies!”…….…Girl, shut up!

I know she can see the bad moon rising. Her high for that “S” is becoming no match for Mrs. Kent. And whether she knows it or not, there’s already a for sale sign on the phone booth out back, and the supersuit is at the consignment shop. One way or another, this stuff has got to go!

I’m cheering on the Mrs. Kent in me. She’s pretty cool people. Learning to accept herself, be herself, love all that she is to herself and others – without the phone booth and supersuit facade. She’s fabulously super in her human threads, a one-of-a-kind design from the mind of the Creator. Ashe.Selah

So, you gotta phone booth you’re ditchin’ too? Call me and we’ll have a 2-for-1 sale! Or how’s a January bonfire sound =).

Look!! Up in the sky….it’s a bird…it’s a plane…. No for real, it’s a bird and a plane.

(Back to rest…)


4 Responses to “Phone Booth for Sale”

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