Sorry, You’re Too Late!

December 28, 2006

Well, the time has come and gone. Came and went. The window of opportunity closed…

In retrospect, we were presented with the perfect occasion, but we didn’t seize the moment. Conditions were ripe that day, that night. Every element needed to substantiate the choice was delivered. Right there in our hands. Even our enemies would have co-signed the check. Signed their name right there on the bottom line. They would have driven us to the bank personally. For even they couldn’t deny, that it was our time to….

QUIT! Give in. Give Up. Throw in every towel. Concede defeat. Hang our head in shame. Yield to the worse. Lose hope. Lose our grip. Grow weary of trying. Stop pushing. See no use. Stay down. Stay in bed. Close the blinds. Bury our head in the sand. Love Death. Hate life. Run away. Throw the fight. Take a sip. Take a hit. Hit it back. Lose our mind. Let go…………

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh But God! (did you feel that with me? =])

Instead of waving the white flag, we waived our right to fly it high, and replaced it with high hopes in God. Could we really make it through the next minute, and that minute becomes an hour, and that hour becomes a new day? Maybe our thoughts would not deceive us. It just might be worth giving God another moment to change the course of the storm, or to change us in the process…Just maybe.

For all opportunities, good or bad, the following holds true: There’s a time to open the window, after which, it’s time to walk away from the brick wall!

So, if you’ve made it this far into 2006, the month of December, this season called winter, made it this far in LIFE….I’ve got both good news and bad news for ya…

Give up now?!…Sorry, you’re too late!

But!..see that flicker of light up ahead…closer…closer…squint the right eye…maybe the left one…riiiiiiiiiiiight there….That’s your true window of opportunity…of freedom…of renewal. And whenever you arrive in front of it, whenever you acquire the strength to open it…You won’t be a nanosecond too early, or too late…God has timed it to divine perfection.

Now start and keep walking away from that brick wall, and never look back, unless it’s to celebrate how far you’ve come…



2 Responses to “Sorry, You’re Too Late!”

  1. […] after each leg. It’s easy (if we make it so) to grow weary, even after some sunny spots. But he rejected every golden opportunity to give up. I respect this pursuit of forward motion, and acknowledge how it’s seasoned with gratitude, […]

  2. […] for this journey….He knows I’m close. Look how far you’ve come, girl….the season for giving up, going back came and went a long time ago. All the way o-u-t is on the horizon. I’ll find a way to call…to party […]

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