What’s an Ashe.Selah?

December 23, 2006

Ashe ( ah-SHAY, also Ase) – A Yoruba word meaning power, command, and authority. The ability to make whatever one says happen. Often summarized as “so be it”, “so it is”, or “it definitely shall be so”.

Selah – Many translations offer “to pause”, “to hang”, amen, “measure carefully and reflect on what has been said.”


I’ve combined these words for myself to apply them to my thoughts (gotta watch what I think, huh?), my affirmations, what I believe, what I say. So when I say “Ashe”, I’m saying “and so it is”. I affirm, I believe, I value what I just put out into the universe from my mouth and my thoughts. It IS so right now.

The dot? That’s simple — it means “period”. Like the old Sanford & Son episodes, when Fred would say, “My name is Fred G Sanford period”. The “period” meant — that’s really all you need to know. Likewise, my dot says, “Whatever she just said is the end of the matter.”

After I affirm what I say and think, as already being so, period, I “pause to reflect”, take it all in, let it marinate in my spirit, feel it and live it as being everything I said or thought.

And so it is. Amen.


6 Responses to “What’s an Ashe.Selah?”

  1. Sunny Sundrip Austin Says:

    Now that’s pretty cool. You put quite a bit of thought into that. When I changed my name legally it took me 2 years to come up with something I could hear that would be encouraging spiritually. It took a lot of thought, planning and so on. I went by it for 7 years (just worked out that way, no other reason for the 7) then changed my name in 2001. In the Bible when there were major life changes often the persons name changed to reflect it. I followed suit.

    Austin of Sundrip Journals
    Thanks for dropping by today 🙂

  2. Faraja Says:

    I love it! And I love your blog. So glad you dropped by mine so I could follow you here – am enjoying my little browse so far 🙂

  3. asheselah Says:

    So glad Faraja! Ur welcome to drop in anytime….blessings =)!

  4. […] Today, I celebrate my Call to Heal — from all the years of child sexual abuse…endured within and without the family….in all its shapes, sizes, and colors (you have no idea how literal that statement is)…and its crippling effect on my life. Ashe.Selah […]

  5. […] Where there are words, there are special messages just waiting for me to assemble them into an Ashe.Selah moment. Feels great to share a hundred of them with you….and […]

  6. justdoyin Says:

    waoh! I love the thought process that went into the choice of ur name…In coming up with my blog name Anoda Phase, I went thru a similar but shorter process, and I’m glad with what He gave me…


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