Was it the Song…or My Breath?

December 23, 2006

The next book I’m slated to consume is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I’m really excited about reading this book, and thought I’d do some on-line research about the author, the agreements, and so forth. Upon reading Vivian’s blog, I was directed to an “Oprah’s Favorite Books” link, where The Four Agreements is showcased.

As I finished reading the reviews, my cat, Sophie, jumps on my desk, and positions herself for direct absorption of my lamp light. She’s a beautiful tabby cat, almost human, with the spirit of an old wise woman. Lying there in all her splendor, I couldn’t help but begin to caress her fur, scratch behind her ears as she lifts her head, directing me towards her neck.

At this point, in my best Julie Andrews voice (lol), I begin to sing to her. Not a familiar tune. Oh no! I’m writing this ballad from scratch. “(Ahem) I love you Sophie….you are wonderful and beautiful….hmm hmm hmmm…la la la…” Just as I get caught up in the moment, what does Sophie do? She looks into my eyes, raises her body, turns her head, and quietly jumps off the desk and walks away – but not without looking back for one more glance.

Laughter begins to erupt from my mouth. “Oh no she didn’t just walk away in the middle of this beautiful Ode to Sophie”, I joked to myself. The more I thought about this scene, the harder I laughed – at myself. You see, having just reviewed The Four Agreements, agreement #2 is “Don’t take anything personal.” I began to remember how old me would have felt like, “OMG, was it the song, wrong key, my breath…” I had the awful tendency of taking everything to the left, everything was my fault, I was terribly flawed to the point of being poisonous. Not only did I have a certificate in taking things too personal, I had a 3rd degree black belt in wearing myself out.

Believe me when I say this, we can never realize our Divine self, if we take everything others project to us to heart. This also includes the thoughts we need to dismiss. Certain types of energy have no business entering our sacred place. Though out-of-the-box new, I’m learning with ease to use my heart shield to block these harmful thoughts and emotions, which themselves block the knowledge of my incredibly beautiful self. Ashe.Selah

So, the next time we give or do from our heart, put a period there, without expectation of how it SHOULD be received (this is actually agreement # 3 — “Don’t assume anything”). Let the recipient be free. Don’t take it personal, k? Gotta go now…Sophie’s tapping my leg for her next back rub.


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