Planet Bubble Bath

August 7, 2006

fingertips frolic
under the running water.
the perfect warmth races
to heed your beck and call
after a long day
hear me when I say…
a soothing bubble bath
will soak those cares right away.
the flame reveals their secret place
as it dances around the wick in victory
i spy a worry, a fret to be erased!
The candle’s aroma
escorts your mind to a place
far away from your many roles
and list of honey-dos
let the bubbles rule
for they outnumber you
and your excuses for no time
to relax with you
in the melody of water drops
only your body can produce.
there’s gravity on this white, shiny planet
your arms and legs feel like a ton
as the stress that drained you
finds itself the drainee
with a one-way ticket out to sea
wasn’t that easy?
did it please thee?
pause the mp3 and take a curtsey
You seized the moment to rejuvenate
Before Life’s round sixty.
The room erupts with the applause of water
Rolling off your renewed state.
Will you land here again soon?
A different time…
for different reasons…
I inevitably shall.

Copyright (c) All rights reserved.


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