May 29, 2006

You were buried alive.
The walking dead that has traveled with me.
A stow away covered by blankets of fear
Disguised as an endearing protector from all
Who are out to get me while you’ve got me.

Took me years to recognize you.
Pain lit you up
A thief in police lights caught red-handed
You bandit!
And what the he** is that smell?
Adorning me like a five and dime suit
Worn by a bag lady.
She thinks she’s cute
While her torn shade 3 hose
Expose her never knowing
She is beautiful and worth knowing love.

All bad things must come to an end too.
So this is it with me and you
The internal bleeding stops here
I reject the propaganda of benevolent fear
Not another tear
Drops inciting violent floods
That only The Father could plug
With unconditional love.

The dirt I once covered you with
I now till in preparation for the love buds –
First for self, then for others.

Assume the position
The death toll rings
You’re late! Clock in.
Your permanent graveyard shift begins
Decaying nutrients of lessons past…check!
Name badge…

Now my life fast forwards to bloom
An enriched garden of beauty and love
Where butterflies and honey bees celebrate in dance
My soul…
A vibrant source of life and
Loving energy that forever unfolds.

Copyright 2006. AsheSelah. All rights reserved.


One Response to “F-E-R-T-I-L-I-Z-E-R”

  1. […] year…yeah, I dug deep, which is why the dark motif over there worked so well for me.  That fertilizing shroud covered me at a time when I felt I needed to run, hide, meet my finale underground with the ugly […]

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