Let Me Come to You

April 20, 2006

Did you see that?
Your eyes do not deceive you
Though darkness seeks to blind you
Smothering the truth that it’s Me. Yes!
Under this dense veil of blackness
The Light is here!
Will you let Me come to you?

I see you over there
You’re not in too deep where I can’t reach
No distance too far that I won’t find where you are
Or how to navigate this twisted maze
That attempts to hold you hostage without breach.

All I ask is that you be still.
I reveal but a morsel of my presence…a flash, a spark.
But you miss it…anxiously working
Fumbling to find the cord to open the blinds and let me in
As if I need your help to make My triumphant entrance.
Will you let Me come to you?

Your human nature dictates “You must escape this now!”
By any means necessary
Quick, fast, and in a hurry.
But My omniscient nature knows that
This strategy is the reason why you’re so exhausted
In My words you have not fully trusted
Thinking rather that you have something better to offer
Than surrender.

All I ask is that you be still. Trust Me.
Don’t tire yourself out running towards the Light
The Light is coming to rescue you!
When the process is complete
We will celebrate your effortless victory together.
Until then, no worries; I’ll come to you
Will you let Me?

Copyright 2006. AsheSelah.com All rights reserved.


2 Responses to “Let Me Come to You”

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