We Space

April 4, 2006

My space is his space
His space is mine.

Full access granted
Fearless and uninhibited.
The influence of love is widespread
In these two lives as one implanted
Deep into this spot called “We”.

We signed our name across each other’s heart
Sealing the perpetual deed
Which proclaims our right to full possession
With all honor and adoration
Superseding any prior third party agreement
Written or verbal.

There’s a special place within my space
Where only his key grants entry
As sweet melodies play in the key of G
A refuge that soothes the King’s psyche
From a long hard day
Better than Subway, a Pepsi, and the AC on sixty.

There’s a special place within his space
Where I’ve mastered the Art of submission
To every floor, never afraid of heights
We enjoy the views together
Preferring the elevator over the stairs
To take us higher or lower…faster or slower.

Our space has grown with reflections of Us
A little you and a little me.
Bright illuminations of the best we have to give
True reminders of how our Moms had to live
With us, but molding the total package
Positively gift-wrapped to impact the world.

This is…
My space.
His space.
Our space.
We space.

Copyright 2006. AsheSelah.com  All rights reserved.


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