March 28, 2006

Who you got in there?
Do you even know?
Whoever it is, she’s bigger than me today.
I sure hope she’s better, too.
For it would be a shame
To go through all this pain
And not Rebirth a better you.

I remember the times I didn’t even feel me kickin’
Was anything growing in there at all?
Or was it just convenient to ignore the fact
That I was being called back
To the Creator’s drawing board for reconstruction.

I admit there were things in old me that necessitated a Rebirth.
Why are you on the edge of your seat?
As if I have enough breath to speak
Like I could even find the words
Or the courage to expose the deformities
That plagued me — often at the hands of me.

I’m feelin’ the need to push
But I don’t know towards what?
There are changes going on inside me
That need to be delivered to my new world
In order for me to survive and thrive
Since the old me will be gone.

Where I’m purposed, there is no oxygen or substance to sustain the old me.

The pain intensifies.
ReBirth is imminent.
I’m afraid, yet deep within
I’m proud and beaming with courage
As I prepare to complete the assignment given me
Resisting the urge
To look on someone else’s paper.

When life announces “It’s time to push!”, push you must.
So without negotiation
I drifted away to a place of solitude and surrender
Awaiting the inevitable rupture
Of old me being torn from my desperate grasp
Freeing my arms to embrace my newness

But what am I supposed to do with her?
How does she feel, what does she need, how do I love her?
Do I even like her?
Regardless…she’s here.

The learning curve ahead is steep
And rife with bumps and valleys
Nevertheless, I am determined
To forge ahead and see what shall be
The greatest me I’ve never known.
For it would be a shame
To go through all that pain
And not Rebirth a better me.

Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.


6 Responses to “Rebirth”

  1. desike Says:

    I always love to see the very 1st post.
    I like your write up, really deep and poetic.

  2. asheselah Says:

    Hey there desike…Thx for stopping by and for the kind words. I actually launched my blog in Dec., but I posted some of my poetry in the months they were born =)……

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